Monday, September 10, 2012

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my blog...

Actually a few things happened to me, maybe a few dozen...dozen...or so but as we've probably just met I won't bore you with all the details right away.  About two years ago I decided that the internet was completely without any form of blog highlighting skepticism...or at least one focusing on math...or perhaps a math focused skepticism blog written by me.

So I boldly set up this blog...and then left it for a few years.  During that time I'd occasionally observe something interesting and think..."I should write about that on my blog!" so I'd set to work writing an article and then within a day or so I'd say "Actually, that's really not that interesting.".  Fast forward to February 2012 and one of two things happened I either got a really interesting idea or my standards for calling something "interesting" had dropped so low as to let this one survive being written up.   While I was doing that I had been telling some people I knew about my subject: An algorithm for using fonts in a particular way and I'd usually wind up my anecdote by saying: "It wasn't really significant enough to make into a journal article or anything".   Then someone showed me a journal who's call for papers might just encompass what I was writing about.  Ok so I probably couldn't put that on my least until I get rejected formally.

Well as life goes on, my actually job got busy enough to sidetrack me from that work and just as I was about to get around to getting around to organizing myself to write up another post.  I got an unexpected piece of email from the UK telling me that My Raspberry Pi had just shipped!  That event set the course of my summer: I went headlong into finding ways to make a smaller, faster Linux distributions and wrestling with profilers and ANSI C to create tighter ARM assembly code.   I was even thinking of posting some of my work here just so I'd have something up.  Enter the last couple of firmware releases which broke the work I was doing effectively putting it on hold until I get around to rewriting a substantial part of it.

Today though I had an idea that was somewhat relevant, math-related and relatively self-contained in it's time commitment.   Should be up in the next two days, or years, you never know with me.

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